What is Lammas?

In the Northern hemisphere of planet Earth, Lammas or Lughnasadh is generally celebrated on August 1 and marks the halfway point between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox. Lammas comes from the Old English word for Lughnasadh, which is the Gaelic word for the grain festival which marks the beginning of the harvest season. It is the first of the harvest festivals, with Mabon and Samhain to follow in six week increments. This harvest festival has historically been observed in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. Lammas is also known as August Eve, the Feast of Bread, the First Harvest and of course Lughnasadh.

Lughnasadh is named for Lugh, the Celtic god of light, but honors Lugh’s foster mother, Tailtiu. It is believed that Tailtiu cleared the lands of Ireland to make way for the planting of crops but then died of exhaustion. Some also believe that Lughnasadh is a festival celebrating Lugh’s wedding feast. Regardless, Lughnasadh traditionally incorporated large gatherings, spiritual ceremonies and customs, great feasts, athletic contests, matchmaking and rituals like pilgrimages up tall mountains and hilltops and visiting holy wells and sacred springs.

kate's magik products for lammas

Just as the Earth is fertile and full right now, may you also find that your projects, ideas and creativity are overflowing.  Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a blend of musky Indonesian Patchouli and purifying Cedarwood with sunny sweet orange and a touch of Indian spice created to manifest new ideas and bring miracles. The word Fertility signifies the preparation of fertile ground for planting or creating something new - in art, relationships, health, business and money etc. - in other words, fertile energy to manifest a new creation. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a tool to help bring forth our inner visionary and create something uniquely our own.  

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Meditate on the gifts and abundance of the season and bring in more plentitude with Prosperity Anointing Oil. Prosperity attracts the energy of abundance and riches and helps remove money blocks and manifest prosperous energy. Basil has been a symbol of wealth attraction since ancient times and encourages the flow of abundance. 

Use Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist to bring forth prosperity and to create a plentiful environment.Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist helps to create a prosperous atmosphere and serves as a tool to set and maintain your outlook. Basil and Bergamot have been used since ancient times as symbols of prosperity and as a means to direct the flow of abundance. With generosity in your heart and clear intention in your mind, mist in a circular motion above your head. Take a moment to breathe deeply and feel the gentle droplets as the scent and energy of prosperity rain down around you.

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Lammas is a great time to focus on gratitude, as gratitude paves the way for abundance and prosperity. True Abundance Diffuser Oil is a prosperous blend of Bergamot, Basil and Cinnamon intended to attract abundance and success. It’s a great oil to help remove financial obstacles and create a bountiful atmosphere.  

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During this First Harvest season, honor the Corn Maiden! Corn Maiden goes by many names and has been honored in many native traditions throughout the Americas with countless stories and legends shared in her honor. Corn (maize) is a sacred, vital plant that represents sustenance, and carries the quality of plenty. Our intention when working with this perfume is gratitude, generosity, and abundance. Our prayers are that we may thrive, grow and prosper. Cornmeal has played an important role in ceremony and is most commonly used as an offering - to give thanks to corn spirit and mother earth for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Joy inducing Orange Blossom represents the maiden;  and is the centerpiece for this evocative midsummer blend, while woodsy-balsamic Amyris and supportive Siam Wood provide a fertile base. A touch of spice ignites its power.  

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Sol Bastet Perfume was composed in honor of the Summer Solstice, aka Litha, a celebration of the sun, joy, abundance, fulfillment, and celebration - all qualities much needed in our times. Litha, the Celtic word for light, is when the sun reaches its highest point on the horizon (in the northern hemisphere) and midsummer light shines to its fullest capacity.Sol will spark your spirit, outshine negativity and instill a sense of hope and authentic joy. Balsamy, balancing Himalayan Cedarwood, provides a supportive foundation while tenderhearted Neroli illuminates and comforts. A sunny medley of Citrus with a touch of fiery Pink Pepper emanates rays of liquid sunshine. June’s Bastet Perfume Sol, shall bring delight, inspire happiness, and instill a sense of limitless possibilities.  

lammas correspondences

Colors-The colors of Lammas are yellow, gold and green. 


Plants-Decorate your home or altar with summer flowers like hollyhocks, heather, acacia, and myrtle, corn and corn stalks, wheat, oak leaves, barley and acorns. 

Foods-Make some fresh baked bread and feast on grains, summer fruits, berries, apples, cider, grapes, wine and mead.

Altar-Adorn your altar with offerings of baked bread, honey, mead (honey wine), yellow and gold candles, frankincense, yellow flowers or any summer flowers and plants, and fruits and vegetables associated with the first harvest: wheat, corn, apples, cherries, grains, berries wheat, cornhusks, and berries.

Kate baked her first sourdough bread - just in time for Lammas!

lammas rituals

  • Connect with the ancient Celtic peoples and do what they might have done during Lammas; visit and bless the crop fields and orchards. Make pilgrimages to mountains and hilltops and sacred wells and bodies of water.
  • Light a candle and do a gratitude meditation.
  • Create a harvest/gratitude jar or container. Write down the things you’ve manifested this year and put those pieces of paper in the container. Hold a little ritual to honor everything you’ve grown, including yourself.
  • Perform a home blessing. Open up all your doors and windows, (good to do during the warmer months) and sweep out the old and focus on bringing in the wonderful.
  • Make a corn husk doll or wheat doll for your altar.
  • Share a feast of first harvest foods with friends and family and share what you’re grateful for.
  • Bake bread or honey cakes (see recipe below) as a ritual created with intention and gratitude and then share with your friends and family.

Decadent honey and sweet sultanas mix together to create these delicious little cakes meant to attract abundance and sweeten your life. You can find this recipe in the July/August 2019 edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine.  


3 oz soft organic butter 

2 oz caster sugar 

½ teaspoon vanilla 

2 eggs 

4 oz organic self-raising flour 

3 oz sultanas or other dried fruit 

1 oz honey 

1 tablespoon hot water 


1. Preheat the oven to 400℉. 

2. Using a spoon and bowl, cream together the butter and sugar. Stirring clockwise, repeat at least 3 times: “Golden honey from the hive, bring abundance, make us thrive.” As you stir, visualize yourself and your loved ones enjoying all of the good and sweet things of life. 

3. Add the vanilla, beat in the eggs and honey, fold in sieved flour, followed with the dried fruit and hot water. 

4. Fill greased tins ⅔ full. 

5. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 400℉ or until golden.

Enjoy your honey cakes with extra honey drizzled on top or as is! 

blessed lammas!

Whatever you do for Lammas, may your altars be laden with cherries, honey cakes, bread, mead, and recognition of all your blessings!  

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