May 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: Whale Song

Whale Song is dedicated to the great spirit of the largest mammal on our planet. The ancient oracles of the sea live in a timeless, subconscious world apart from our industrialized planet. Whales commune by song and frequency and have the ability to use the force of breathe as needed. The composition for Whale Song was fashioned to help foster the creative power that lies within the stillness of our own metaphorical ocean - connecting us to the age old wisdom of these gentle giants and help raise our collective frequency.

Oceanic Whale Song perfume is tailored around the precious substance known as Ambergris or "Floating Gold." This highly-valued perfumer's dream originates as a secretion in the intestine of the Sperm Whale and can be discovered along our planet's seashores. Mysterious Ambergris is amplified with a salty breeze of hypnotic Seaweed Absolute, while delightful Jasmine embodies this rich and sophisticated aroma together.

whale song perfume is a retired kate's magik perfume

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