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The headquarters of Kate’s Magik Intention-Based Aromatherapy is located in the Presidio District of Historic Downtown Tucson, Arizona. You can find us across from Old Town Artisans on the corner of Court and Washington at 215 N Court Ave. When you spot us, you’ll see the painted turquoise arch on the building, see the beautiful potted plants and flowers, and hear the trickle of our water fountain. As you approach you may begin to smell some of our beautiful aromas before you even open the door! At our retail store you will find every Kate’s Magik product, along with some other goods personally handpicked by Kate.

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Inside, you will find a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. There will always be a member of the Kate’s Magik team to greet you and answer any questions that should arise. We love the products and can’t wait to tell you all about them! Each Kate’s Magik product has a tester for you to smell and experience the incredible healing and aromatic blends. Spritz an Aura Mist and lather your hands and arms with an Aromatherapy Body Lotion. If anything, you will surely leave smelling divine!

We also carry an assortment of ceremonial supplies like incense, herb bundles, candles, resins, crystals, tarot and oracle decks, books, feathers, medicine bags and mala. As well has some other jewelry, diffusers, salt lamps, soaps, teas, and body products. Kate’s Magik is the perfect place to come for a unique and memorable gift for someone you love or a special treat for yourself! 

It is always our goal to cultivate a sacred and spiritual atmosphere. Among the products, you may see evidence of this in the form of deity figures and statues, small offerings, candles burning or the Kate’s Magik altar that is used by all Kate’s Magik staff and open to customers. At our altar, you can pray, light an herb, pick an oracle or tarot card, set your intention for the day, use an oil blend or simply receive a blessing from the Universe.

kate's magik Reiki and Massage

Starting October 2019, we will begin offering Reiki and Massage Treatments Wednesday - Fridays! Feel safe, calm, and inspired in our treatment room (pictured below). Before your treatment, our treatment room is cleansed (physically and energetically), candlelit, filled with divine aromas, and ready for your individual experience! 

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese healing method that draws from universal healing energy to promote wellness, balance and harmony. It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through all of us. If we are out of balance, this healing method helps release stress and instill feelings of peace, happiness and wellbeing. Our experienced, Reiki-certified conduits are soulful individuals selected personally by Kate. Our Reiki Treatments are integrated with Kate’s Magik 100% pure Reiki charged essential oil blends, sound therapy, gentle healing touch, gemstones and intention to instill peace, promote healing and helps purify the body and mind.

A Kate’s Magik full body Aromatherapy Massage strives to promote wellness on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. This innovative approach unites pure essential oils with Reiki energy healing and the power of intention - reminding us that we must nurture the mind-body-spirit connection when seeking to restore balance and enhance well-being on a holistic level. Each massage treatment is based around a specific purpose such as letting go of negativity, detoxification, instilling harmony or boosting the immune system. Guests receive a consultation with a licensed massage therapist to identify individual wellness goals and select the essential oil blends to enhance their personalized treatment. Guests can also add on extra time dedicated to reflexology, face and scalp or reiki.

kate's Magik Tarot readings

We're excited to finally offer full spread Tarot Readings to our customers Monday - Tuesday at 5:30PM and Saturdays 11AM - 4PM. We’ve been preparing for this a long time. To those unfamiliar with Tarot, it is another form of connecting with the Universe, spirit, spirit guides, etc. Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with their own symbolism and meanings. Tarot is a useful tool for self-reflection, working on relationships, manifesting goals, making decisions, and creating positive changes in one’s life. 

A Kate’s Magik Tarot Reading session with include a purification, intention-based aromatherapy, a full Tarot spread, as well as a blessing. This one hour session is a great time to focus your intentions on what you want to manifest in your life or a wonderful time to discuss something you need to work through. Through intuitive interpretation, the cards will provide a different perspective on your situation and shed some light in a positive and encouraging way.

Grand opening + harvest celebration

A perfect time to visit us will be on Saturday October 19, 2019 between 11am - 4pm for our GRAND REOPENING + HARVEST CELEBRATION! On this day, ALL Kate’s Magik products will be 20% off in the store! There will be an Aroma Journey with Kate at 2pm to introduce you to the magic and healing properties of some oils used in Kate’s Magik products. We will have an All Souls communal altar where you are invited to participate. You can bring photos of loved ones passed and small offerings, or just take a few moments at the altar to honor and remember. There will be delicious locally made ceremonial food and refreshments for your pleasure. Enjoy a complimentary Reiki and Massage Mini Treatment, along with a Tarot Mini Reading. We’ll also have a raffle giveaway for an All Souls Bastet Perfume and Kate’s Magik gift set. Click here to RSVP and receive a free gift at the event. We hope to see you there!

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