Spring Equinox Message from Kate

A Spring Equinox Contemplation from Kate

My great grandmother was from Kiev, Ukraine, my great grandfather from Bialystok, Poland. My ancestors, Ashkenazi Jews, spent centuries in the region that is currently the focal point of pain and suffering with a mad king at the helm. We are all connected.

I have spent the last week contemplating how to approach this year’s Spring Equinox message. This sabbath of Ostara signifies a time of renewal, new beginnings, awakening, fertility and joy. Yet we find ourselves in another, and even more severe, global crisis where people are suffering, dying and losing their homes. I also realize that what is currently happening is actually always happening somewhere in the world. “Have we not learned anything,” we ask ourselves. Is it possible that we are going to face a world-wide emergency of a whole other magnitude than what we just experienced for the last two years? And what can we do about it? Beautiful People, I know very little about this. But I dare to offer a morsel of what I believe in my heart can make a difference.

Kiev, Ukraine 

As we continue this journey in a world that has lost its balance, where the old ways of living in relationship with Earth, the seasons and great spirit have been forgotten - a world where power, money and technology have become the new gods - we need to remember. Remember who we are and that we are all part of the human Earth tribe. What happens to a people, a country, a region of our planet; affects all people, all countries, all regions. What is happening to the Ukrainian and Russian people has not only spilled across to the bordering countries, but spreads throughout the world. We can not pretend that we are not affected by this. We should not be passive. Can we complain about rising gas prices, while once again people are losing everything they have, including their loved ones? We were all affected by the pandemic and we are all affected by this war. And we may feel helpless, but we need not to. Every individual has much to offer. We must take action. Whether it be in the form of a monetary donation, ritual, prayer or any type of offering. Sell your art and donate all proceeds, spare a few bucks, donate what you can to help feed, clothe and shelter your brothers and sisters. In addition, or if you simply don’t have a dollar to spare, you can light a candle and pray, drum, dance and sing for peace. We can pray for the mothers and daughters, children, grandchildren and advisers of those in power and to help awaken those who are asleep. Who loves this mad king? Could his heart awaken? I know not, but I do know that love and light can melt hatred and pain, so for this I will pray, every day and I hope you join me.

Today, Sunday March 20th, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the festival of Ostara. This marks the first day of Spring and the end of Winter. On this special day, light and dark are in perfect balance and we officially enter the season of blossoming. For you, your family, your friends, your tribe and all those living today, I wish blessings of renewal, love and light.

Yours truly,


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