Spiritual Devotion with Perfumes

a time of indulgence and excess

Around the world, on the last Tuesday of February, groups of people take the time to engage in indulgence and opulent excess. This day of merriment celebrated by the multitudes around the world goes by many names: Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Fasnacht Day, Pancake Day and many others. These festival days are all about the allowance of exuberance. At Carnival and Mardi Gras, you will see extravagant, colorful, gaudy, sparkling costumes. There are parades, dancing, music and of course beads flying through the air. It is a maximum party atmosphere. Other people celebrate this day by eating the most fattening of sweets like donuts, fasnachts, pancakes, beignets and loading up on meats, food made with lard and all matter of high caloric foods. It is the feast before the fast. 

a time of abstention

What commonly follows this famously gluttonous day is a season of fasting. Within many traditions around the world, specifically Christianity, followers will fast for 40 days, participating in what is known as Lent. These 40 days are meant to mimic the time that Jesus Christ, the central deity of Christianity, spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting before his death and resurrection. This imitation is meant to be a period of fasting, of purification and cleansing before observing Easter in April.

These types of religious fasts can be observed all over the modern world. Muslims fast for Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims will focus on prayer, reflection and helping the community around them. Jews fast on Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement in order to focus on prayer and atonement. Many Hindus fast twice a month on specific days of the waxing and waning moon, known as Ekadashi. Ekadashi are considered to be sacred and spiritual days and observers will eat certain foods and abstain from others and participate in specific prayers with corresponding deities. Even people of ancient civilizations fasted, like the Babylonians who fasted to commemorate the death of Tammuz or Dumuzi and the lamenting and mourning of his consort Inanna/Ishtar. Indigenous communities all around the world fast before rituals like Vision Quests and Sweat Ceremonies. Communities and warriors fasted before going into battle and during times of great difficulty in order to gain clearer direction and guidance from the Great Spirit. Many different religions and spiritual traditions encourage fasting, abstaining from certain activities or amping up ritual practices as a way to cultivate relationships with the Divine. To engage in fasting does not necessarily mean that food restriction needs to be involved. The idea is that you are giving up something or refraining from the engagement of something that takes away from your time or devotion to what you understand as Sacred and Divine.

We are coming out of the darkness into the luminous parts of the Wheel of the Year. In the weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox/Ostara, it is the perfect time to deepen your devotion to your deities, to the Divine and to the sacred within yourself. Between Imbolc and Beltane, the Spring Equinox marks the time where light and dark are once again back in balance, with more light on the way. It is the time of renewal and the official beginning of Spring. What better way to start anew than with some fresh perspective and deep connection with the Sacred.

deity devotion with aromatherapy

In this time of expansion and deepening your relationship with different deities or the Divine, there are many avenues to explore and various ways to encounter the Sacred. You can choose a certain deity, goddess or god to work with based on their qualities or attributes. Or if you feel that one in particular is calling out to you and you keep receiving signs, it may be their way of inviting you to get to know them. You can acquaint yourself with this aspect of Divinity by first doing some simple research and then diving in deep learning key aspects and information. You can set up an altar and make respective offerings. You can deepen your knowledge and connection by incorporating intention-based aromatherapy into your practice.

The adornment of and interaction with perfumes inspired by various deities and powerful spiritual elements is an excellent way to honor these unique beings and deeper your devotional practice. Kate’s Magik perfumes were formulated by therapeutic perfumer and founder of Kate’s Magik, Kate Becker. Kate has created many natural perfume blends inspired by goddesses and gods from around the world. The elements of each perfume are reflections of the traits and characteristics of that particular entity. For example, the perfume Ganesh, from the Bastet Perfume Society, features herbaceous Rosemary and zesty Lime which represent the function of the elephant’s trunk as a remover of obstacles from our path. Here we have highlighted the Sacred Perfumes and just a few of the many perfumes from the Bastet Perfume Society.

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Quan Yin Sacred Perfume
$ 29.99$ 23.39

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume inspires kindness and forgiveness. Quan Yin is the Goddess of mercy, compassion and loving kindness. Heavenly Rose evokes the vibration of the divine feminine and re-instills faith, while Sandalwood and Vanilla encourage forgiveness and help you live in the present.

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume
$ 27.99$ 21.83

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume conjures beauty and prosperity. Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty, wealth and prosperity. This sacred perfume evokes both material and spiritual success while revealing authentic beauty with notes of Turmeric, Jasmine, and Honey.

Archangel Michael Sacred Perfume
$ 27.99$ 21.83

Archangel Michael Sacred Perfume instills courage and provides protection. Archangel Michael is the great protector and guide of light and love. Notes of sacred Frankincense and courageous Ginger help shield you from the unwanted and instill the trust needed to follow your path.

Ra Sacred Perfume
$ 27.99$ 21.83

Ra Sacred Perfume brings energy and empowerment. Ra is the ancient Egyptian Sun God known as creator and ruler of the Heavens. He represents light, warmth, power and energy. Deep, restorative Oakmoss with a touch of Egyptian Jasmine make this a truly empowering blend.

The term Bhaktiis a Sanskrit word meaning faith, love, devotion, and authentic joy. Bhakti’s Perfume will evoke devotion, joy, and sacred protection from outside energies that can throw us off balance. All of the essential oils in Bhakti have been used since ancient times for these purposes, making it a perfect perfume for daily protection, meditation, ritual, ceremony, song, and prayer. Bhakti is also an entrancing scent for men! The aroma of Bhakti is deep and warming, featuring rare and precious Agarwood (sourced from cultivated trees, not from wild or endangered species), enriched with sensual, balsamy Himalayan Cedarwood and a selection of other sacred tree essences.

Krishnais the Hindu God of compassion, tenderness, and love and one of the most revered among Indian divinities. He is typically depicted with a flute in his hand and portrayed with dark, or blue skin. This divine hero and enchanting lover can be a strong guide for us on our spiritual path of wisdom, devotion and discernment. Mysore Sandalwood, deep Indian Jasmine and rich, balsamy Cardamom absolute are the aromatic gems of this highly spiritual and divinely comforting Perfume worthy of a supreme God. May Krishna be our spiritual guide as we enter a new decade.

$ 89.00$ 69.42

Hekate is an ancient Greek goddess that serves as a guide for safe passage through the underworld. Her torch shines dim moonlight to help us find our way through the darkness. She holds the key to enter and exit the underworld from the earthly realm and serves as protector and guide along the journey. This mystical winter perfume opens the door to a hidden, secret world, where magik and transformation can unfold. Hekate supports the spiritual warrior within and provides protection as she helps lead you forward on your path. The blend for Hekate is comprised of Indian Spikenard oil with joy-inducing Clementine and spicy Pimento Berry.

Divine Mother is devoted to the celestial energy of the Divine Feminine. When we are sad, fearful or just needing support, the soothing and unconditional love of the Mother can provide comfort and instill trust in our earthly journey. Whether Earth Mother, Mother Mary, Mother Goddess, Grandmother Moon, Hathor, Quan Yin or the fierce feline Mother Protector Bastet; all these archetypes represent tenderness, divine feminine wisdom, all-loving presence, courage and shelter from the dark. The centerpiece of Divine Mother is the exquisite Rose Otto Essential Oil, the ultimate heart-soothing flower of love and compassion. Its angelic vibration relieves the deepest grief and elevates our spirit to heavenly heights of insight, forgiveness, and trust. Fortifying Tangerine adds a boost of joy and Pink Pepper gives a kick of courage to help us persevere through troubled times.

$ 95.00$ 74.10

Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god, is a protector of the dead and an overseer of embalming and funerals. He has been called “Lord of the Sacred Land,'' as well as “God of Deserts and Darkness.” He embodies a protective shaman or priest who guides mortals from one realm to another. Anubis also watches over and guides the souls of the dead on their journey from the physical realm to the afterlife. Anubis Perfume was created to help support us in understanding the temporary nature of our current life and to connect with those who have passed over. This magik potion will also help us travel beyond linear time. Ancient Myrrh and holy Frankincense will help instill trust in what comes after life as we know it. Together with divine Rose we will be guided to the deeper realms beyond this world.

Ganesh, the great remover of obstacles, walks a path of trust and effortless mastery. He welcomes new beginnings without expectations or attachments. He is a protector and keeper of wisdom. Ganesh, was created as an ally to help during times of transformation, remove the remnants of emotional debris and make room for new blessings ahead. Herbaceous Rosemary and zesty Lime are at the forefront of this aromatic creation - metaphorically representing the function of the elephant’s trunk as a remover of obstacles from our path. Encouraging Neroli brings heart energy to our missions, while Turmeric conjures the healing wisdom of the far east.

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