March 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: Sonora

Sonora was inspired by the land I live on, the desert I roam and the distinct aroma that the native Creosote bush releases when we are blessed with rain. The sacred intention I hold for this perfume is tenacity, perseverance and faith. In times of drought, the desert plants rely on an inherent, collective trust that the rain will come sooner or later - a characteristic that also lies deep within us humans. With the official ending of Winter this month, Sonora will give us the necessary strength to trust Great Spirit that wondrous, new beginnings are just around the corner.

The scent of the cure-all Creosote Bush is the guest of honor for this month’s Bastet Society Perfume. Sacred White Sage and supportive Juniper Berry bring purifying qualities to this desert medley while divinely-spirited, Tunisian Neroli adds a heart-opening touch of cosmic light.

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