September 2021 Bastet Perfume: Pan

the pan story


Pan is the therianthropic Greek goat God of all nature. His unharnessed joy and pure embodiment of the natural, wild world is profoundly needed in our modern times. Since the ancient past, his mirthful yet wise ways have intrigued the hearts of both mystics and wood nymphs. Pan links us to our own animal nature and awakens our connection to the wild and untamed. He lives in dells and grottoes, woods and water, and represents the uncivilized divine masculine - primal, vital and often lustful. Pan dances to his own tune!

The archetype of Pan connects us to the wilderness within, ignites a healthy instinct and helps fine-tune our relationship with our mother planet, where we can find the deeper healing we all long for.

ScentProfile: Pan Perfume was created to evoke the alluring musky scent of flora and fauna. Rare, exotic Oud is folded in with balsamic Amber and regal Rose, creating a majestic balance worthy of this wise master of the forest. 

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