October 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: All Souls

October's All Souls Bastet Perfume is a potent anointing oil that is formulated to transport you to other realms. All Souls honors "Dia de Los Muertos," a sacred holiday in Mexican culture, and serves as a means to connect with loved ones past as well as celebrate the gift of life. 

This sacred tincture is crafted around the essential oil of the Marigold flower which is an important symbol of the Day of the Dead and placed on theofrenda (altar) to guide the spirits of those departed. Sacred and purifying bottom notes of Myrrh and Cedarwood - used in death rites and ritual for millennia - provide a comforting cradle, while the mystical quality of the Elderflower seals this magic potion.

all souls perfume is a retired kate's magik perfume

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