November 2020 Bastet Perfume Society: Kamala

the kamala story


My beloved and I were enjoying a sunset stroll through the desert discussing ideas for November’s Bastet Perfume, when suddenly he exclaimed, “What about Kamala?” At first I felt unsure because she is not a deity, but as we walked on, the formula began to download. We later discovered that Kamala means “lotus” in Sanskrit and is also an epithet of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of love, beauty and abundance. Kamala Harris, the name of the Democratic Vice Presidential Elect, will be the first WOMAN in United States HIStory to sit at the head of our country. 

Kamala Perfume is an exotic aroma; floral, transformational and bound for glory: Golden Turmeric for powerful healing, Madagascan Vanilla for calm and support, Indian Jasmine to evoke love and balance and Cardamom for fortitude - all qualities a woman can embody as a leader. Created for immediate application. Wear for victory!

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