Lammas Greetings from Kate's Magik

Full Moon and Lammas Greetings Beautiful People, 

Tomorrow, Saturday August 1st, we celebrate Lammas or Lughnasadh, the first of our three major harvest festivals. In the Northern hemisphere, Lammas marks the halfway point between the Summer Solstice (Litha) and the Fall Equinox (Mabon). As the moon waxes to her fullest aspect on Monday August 3rd, Mother Earth’s gifts have ripened and the harvest season is upon us. We have reached the peak of Summer and the sweetest of fruits are ready for consumption. This is the time to cultivate gratitude and appreciate the sweetness that life brings, even in the hardest of times. Reflect on your blessings and recognize all of the growth and expansion that you have experienced this year, since Imbolc (Feb 1 2020) when our seeds of intention were planted and fertilized. Phew have we come a far way since then!

We can all agree, without a shadow of doubt, that 2020 has been a difficult year. With all of its heartbreak and challenges, it's easy to feel as though these holidays and celebrations just don't necessarily feel the same or feel the way they should. Many are still facing unemployment or working alone at home and while some are thriving in this new normal, others are experiencing depression, illness and health issues. We must remember that in times of difficulty, turning inward and refocusing on Spirit is essential! If you look around and quiet yourself, the Universe offers lessons upon lessons and opportunities to learn from what we see and experience on a daily basis.  

Photo by Stuart Oliver

Here in the desert, we’re experiencing a bit of a deficiency, but we are nevertheless grateful for what we have. It is officially monsoon season, but the monsoons are nowhere to be found. We’ve had a couple good rains, but we are in desperate need of more. The monsoons bring life to the dry rivers and washes of the desert and nourish the plants and desert creatures. We’re saying our prayers for rain here in the Sonoran Desert and assume that our Native brothers and sisters here are doing the same. While Lammas is a time of bounty, plenty, harvest and gratitude, we need not look far to see the late Summer blessings under our Arizona sun; the harvesting of Saguaro fruits, the blossoms of cactus flowers, the ripening of melons, apples, beans, leafy greens, peppers, potatoes, corn and squash, the heat of the summer sun that kisses our skin and the promise of those unmistakable rains. Let’s all do a rain dance on this upcoming Full Moon night?

Lammas encourages us to shift our focus to our own proverbial fields and to be grateful for how far we’ve come and to acknowledge the growth that we have cultivated. Lammas has many names and is recognized by a variety of traditions, customs, and cultures. Although the rituals and practices may differ, the intention is the same: to practice gratitude, honor our work, and celebrate the harvest!

Please read our newest blog post all about Lammas; where it comes from, how to celebrate and Kate’s Magik products for the season! So however you’re celebrating Lammas this year, may your altars be laden with cherries, honey cakes, bread, mead, and recognition of all your blessings! 

-Kate's Magik   

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