July 2021 Bastet Perfume Society: Moon Medicine

the moon medicine story


Envision Moon rays emanating from the astral plane enveloping you in an aura of ethereal calmness, balancing the present moment and soothing the past and future. Moon Medicine will soften the borders between the inner and outer world, guide you through the realm of dreams and bring healing to your journeys through the shadowlands. It's perfect for any Moon ritual!

Khonsu is the Egyptian god of the Moon and time; a night traveler who brings illumination to the dark sky. Through his association with the Moon, he was also considered a fertility god and one who helps both flora and fauna grow strong and healthy.

Breathe in the trance-inducing quality of mystical Indian Sandalwood while surrendering to the sweet nature of Coconut. With a wisp of dawn-blooming Jasmine and a touch of Citron, you may now feel the protection and blessing of all phases of the Moon.

$ 79.00$ 61.62

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