July 2017 Bastet Perfume Society: Firebird

While beating my drum during the April full moon rise over the Sea of Cortez, a female Firebird with a crown of golden feathers and round, planet-like eyes came to me. Her aura was celestial and her mission was to bring me to a higher place while teaching me to purge my earthly burdens. She has been a spiritual guide for me ever since and the experience served as the inspiration for the Summer premiere of the Bastet Perfume Society. 

The formula for this blend appeared during a meditation, clearly representing the rebirth of mid-summer fires, the South, and the warmth we shall store within us for the Seasons that follow. The mythical and precious Agarwood (also known as Oud oil) is the anchor of Firebird. Agarwood is a sacred oil that dates back to ancient times and is also one of the rarest and most expensive oils in the world. It has illuminating qualities as well as the ability to calm the mind and instill trust - its scent is unlike any other and I am honored to work with it and offer it to you in this transformative blend. Other exotic highlights are the pure spirited Neroli flower with its sensual touch of divinity and zesty Blood Orange for the motivation to move to the next level.

firebird perfume is a retired kate's magik perfume

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