Experience Rare & Exotic Aromas with the Bastet Perfume Society

introducing the bastet perfume society

Each month, members of the Bastet Perfume Society will receive a 3 mL bottle of an exotic, masterfully-crafted natural perfume. Each perfume will be delivered in unique packaging and include a description card. If you find a blend you love, a 10 mL Roll-On will be available for purchase and members will receive a $10 credit towards the larger size.

After many moons of formulating and preparation, a long-time vision is coming to fruition. I am delighted to announce the launch of The Bastet Perfume Society, our monthly natural perfume subscription.

In my 15 years as a therapeutic, natural perfumer, I have come to realize that I must have perfumed in another lifetime, because my best formulations flow through me intuitively, often in meditation or dreams. It typically starts with a spark of inspiration that comes in the form of a deity or a symbolic theme to bring light into darkness and inspire, support or soothe. Once I find my muse, I subconsciously explore the ancient realms where the majority of my formulas originate. I am deeply connected to the Ancient Egyptian Art of Perfumery and the sacred oils that were used throughout that region. The ingredients are conjured like the notes of a melody; I allow them to dance through my mind until they begin to shape into a group and become one - much like a song. Once the framework of the aromatic composition has solidified, I write the formula in my journal and then sit down days later at my perfumer’s desk to create and sample the actual formulation. The magik rarely fails me.

Scent can call forth memories from another time, place or person in our lifetime, but for me the most mystical aspect is the profound way that scent and aroma link us to the ancient world, former civilizations, our ancestors and past lives. Perfumes have been crafted and used to evoke mystery, healing, protection and allure since the earliest civilizations. Due to the pure nature of plant-based perfumes, they are not only deliciously fragrant, beautifying and seductive, but they also carry medicinal and therapeutic qualities that support body, mind and spirit. I have spent this past year studying, sourcing and acquiring a collection of notably rare and exotic ingredients – some of which cost more per gram than gold. With the Bastet Perfume Society, there will be blends that move you to the core, transport you to hidden, mystical worlds or evoke deep and possibly unexpected emotions. Others may initially not appear to be your cup of tea but I encourage you to open your heart and mind to every sensory experience and think of those that don’t resonate as strongly with you as medicine for the soul. One thing is certain – you will rarely have the chance to sample some of the extraordinary ingredients I have collected for this magnificent venture.

Working with the pure essences of plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, resins, woods and barks from all over the world has been one of the most fulfilling, joyful experiences of my life and I am truly exhilarated to share this gift with you as a member of the Bastet Perfume Society!

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