Essential Oil Spotlight: Rosemary

Rosemary Essential Oil

A Breath of Fresh Air

The energizing, herbaceous aroma of Rosemary essential oil is like a crisp mountain wind that sweeps away mental fogginess, negativity and fatigue while instilling a renewed sense of empowerment. It is an effective tool to cleanse and purify our surroundings and stimulate both the body and mind. Getting through the dark, cold winter months of the year can sometimes be a bit of a drag. But using Rosemary Essential Oil can add some much needed pep to your step! It’s like a Because of its vast array of benefits, Rosemary essential oil is an excellent addition to any aromatherapy collection.

history of rosemary

Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Rosemary has been used for both culinary and medicinal benefits since ancient times and venerated as a sacred plant by various cultures. The word Rosemary comes from the Latin, ros maris, which translates to “dew of the sea.” This is most likely due to the herb growing and thriving alongside its native home of the Mediterranean Sea. It also has a rich history of use in a variety of spiritual practices and ceremonies, particularly weddings and funerals as a symbol of remembrance. The ancient Egyptians would honor their loved ones by leaving sprigs of the herb on coffins or tombs. Dried Rosemary was burnt in Greek temples as an offering to the gods and goddesses and during the Middle Ages the fragrant smoke was used to ward off negative energy or malicious spirits. Ancient Greek scholars wore Rosemary wreaths around their heads during exams to promote recollection and clear thinking. 

rosemary aromatherapy 

The energizing properties of Rosemary Essential Oil make it a superb oil for motivation and vitality. A drop of Pure Rosemary Essential Oil on the palms for inhalation is a delightful way to start the day or beat the afternoon lull. Its minty, slightly camphorous aroma also helps with colds, congestion and respiratory issues. 

Uncrossing Anointing Oil is the ultimate cleansing oil. It removes negativity, burdens, and worries and sends away unhealthy, negative energy and helps eliminate bad situations. Pour into a bath water for a powerful whole body cleansing. 

Rosemary essential oil is a powerful tool to instill clarity and enhance memory, making it one of the key ingredients in our Clarity & Focus Anointing Oil. This mentally and emotional uplifting blend is great for studying, exams, decision making and bringing clarity to an overworked mind. It helps remove blocks and improves concentration.

Apply these Anointing Oils anywhere on the body, focusing on the soft areas of the neck, decollete and arms as well as the wrists for inhalation. For an added dimension, use in a cleansing bath or apply after bathing to remove negative thoughts. For best results, apply 4-5 times a day as you would use a tincture or flower essence. With each application, take a moment for yourself to slowly inhale the beautiful aroma and visualize and reaffirm your intention.

Rosemary contains salicylic acid which is the precursor of aspirin. When applied topically and properly diluted, Rosemary essential oil has the ability to ease muscle & joint pain and increase circulation, which is why it is found in Muscle Works Massage + Body Oil. Muscle Works is a powerful massage oil that helps relieve muscle and joint pain and reduces tension. Whether from physical activity or everyday soreness, our muscles become knotted and tight. This massage oil supports relief from all kinds of physical aches and pains.

Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil unites Rosemary with uplifting Geranium and bright Lime for an aromatic experience that is sure to awaken the senses and energize the body, mind and spirit. An invigorating and energizing massage and body oil, Energizing Wind helps prepare you for the day and serves as a potent pick-me-up. It keeps the mind and body alert while encouraging a bright attitude to overcome challenges.

As the plant energies of the pure essential oils found in the Massage + Body Oils penetrate your skin, they influence and revitalize your body from inside out. Once absorbed, the healing powers of the individual oils travel through the bloodstream to the areas in the body where they are most needed and the effect can be instantaneous. 

Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil contains grounding notes that cradle the energizing spirits of Geranium and Rosemary while fiery Ginger has been added for its power to over obstacles. Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil will enhance your inner, vital fire, keeping you alert and awake. Focus on what you want to achieve. Don't believe in obstacles! Watch the picture getting clearer and let yourself be carried into focus. Fine, long-lasting Body Perfume Oils, blended in the true tradition of Ancient Egyptian Perfumery, who would perfume the entire body to enhance well-being and uplift the spirit. Rare and exotic essential oils are skillfully combined to create complex blends that entice the senses and nourish the skin. 

Courageous Spirit Diffuser Oil is an uplifting blend of Rosemary and Ginger which works to instill clarity and build confidence. This oil empowers you to conquer fears and inspires courage. When you diffuse one of these Kate's Magik diffuser oil blends, you are creating a purposeful environment that can dramatically affect the mood of all those present. 

Joyful Courage Herbal Tea is an uplifting blend to bring forth confidence, instill lust for life and encourage good communication. St. John’s Wort uplifts the spirit, dispels fear and offers protection. Rosemary and Gotu Kola help inspire us to move forward with clear vision, while Lemon and Rosehips round out the tea with a sweet, fruity element that fosters success and creativity. Kate developed the delightful herbal infusions together with a shamanic herbalist to create purposeful teas that call forth the sacred wisdom of some of the Earth’s most powerful plants. Each blend is made up of skillfully combined organic herbs that help to transform the body, mind and spirit.

The numerous aromatherapeutic benefits of Rosemary essential oil make it a perfect choice to diffuse in the office, workplace or while studying. As you inhale the bright intensity of this powerful essential oil, feel yourself being cleansed of negativity as your mind becomes clear and centered, ready to take on whatever awaits you.

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