December 2019 Bastet Perfume Society: Divine Mother

The Story of divine mother


This heart soothing Bastet Society perfume is devoted to the celestial feminine energy of the Divine Mother. When we are sad, fearful or just needing support, the soothing and unconditional love of the Mother can provide comfort and instill trust in our earthly journey. Whether Earth Mother, Mother Mary, Mother Goddess, Grandmother Moon, Hathor, Sophia, Quan Yin or the fierce feline Mother Protector Bastet; all these archetypes represent tenderness, divine feminine wisdom, all-loving presence, courage and shelter from the dark. 

 The centerpiece of Divine Mother is the exquisite Rose Otto Essential Oil, the ultimate heart-soothing flower of love and compassion. Its angelic vibration relieves the deepest grief and elevates our spirit to heavenly heights of insight, forgiveness, and trust. Fortifying Tangerine adds a boost of joy and Pink Pepper gives a kick of courage to help us persevere through troubled times. 

The goddess

There are many powerful female entities that come to mind when one thinks of the Divine Mother or the Goddess. She is present across the world in many cultures and spiritual traditions.The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God. She is the Earth Mother. She is Gaia. She is Coatlicue, the Aztec mother earth goddess. She is Shakti; the Hindu feminine aspect of creation. She is the Blessed Virgin Mary or La Virgen de Guadalupe. She represents the three aspects of the Triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother, Crone. The Divine Mother is your otherworldly mother who cares for you, protects and provides whatever you need should you call on her.  

honor the mother 

 -Pray to Her 

-Meditate on Her incredible , loving and nurturing power-Leave Her sweet offerings of lit candles, roses, fruits, incense, wine, seashells, crystals and other beautiful things 

-Sing, dance, make music and create art 

 -Follow the cycle of the moon and do Full Moon Rituals 

-Be kind to yourself and others 

-Rituals of self-care 

-Get to know the different manifestations of Divine Mother and honor these feminine deities individually 

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