April 2020 Bastet Perfume Society: Saraswati

THE STORY OF saraswati


In 2018, this exceptional Indian deity was introduced to me by a masterful Yoga of the Voice teacher and I instantly knew that she would be an important guide for my next musical journey. Saraswati is the goddess of poetry, music, speech, and wisdom. Her name signifies, “she who has flow.” This past January I had the privilege to study and sing in India with a living dhrupad master, at which time I found an even deeper connection with this goddess of cosmic knowledge. In this time of rapid earthly transitions, life can be stifling and uncontrollable. Often all we can do is step into the flow and trust that it will carry us to higher ground.

Sacred Pink Lotus is paired with anchoring Vetiver. Moroccan Rose supports the heart while Citrus and Ginger spark the power of expression and commitment to speak the truth.

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