Samhain Message from Kate 2021

Samhain and All Souls Blessings Beautiful Ones,

It’s the most profoundly mystical time of year and many of us magickal folk feel more than ready to dive back into the season of fire, purification and metamorphosis. Samhain and All Souls - Oct 31 and Nov 1 - mark the threshold to the final chapter of the wheel of the year. For the next six weeks, the nights continue to get longer and darker, coming to a peak on the Winter Solstice; December 21. Now we find ourselves in the most liminal time where the veil between the worlds is so thin, that life and death are but a whisper away from each other. Here we mourn, remember, and celebrate loved ones passed and make offerings to the gods in gratitude for life’s bounty and in honor of the rebirth ahead. This is the time of the Crone, the ancient one, the wise one who knows that death is part of life and life part of death. This is the time of Hekate, Kali, Anubis and Isis, who can support us during this process.

Life is complicated and difficult to navigate. But it’s temporary and we often forget that. Things can change in an instant, here now and gone tomorrow. Our journey is a sacred one and we must keep remembering to move forward with this awareness. The people we love will not always be here, the direction we chose could be altered unexpectedly, everything is fleeting, and nothing remains the same. It is easier to truly comprehend this when we’ve reached mid-life or beyond, since loss has become an inevitable part of life. But with loss comes gain and greater awareness. With faith and acceptance, we learn to navigate the hurdles, savor the sweetness, and find ways to commune with the divinity that lies beyond the density of this often harsh reality. I believe we have come here to heal, evolve and awaken - ourselves - our tribe - our world. Healing forces are everywhere, we just need to allow ourselves to align with them. 

Scent, sound, touch, prayer and beyond all - LOVE, can help us remember who we truly are - an extension of God, the Divine, the Goddess, Great Spirit. During this sacred time of Samhain and All Souls, we purify, release and let go in order for healing to come more deeply into our lives. Now is the time to make our fires, take salt baths and set our altars to honor those who walked before us. And let’s not forget to honor the living! To life - to life! L’chaim!

Blessed Sabbath Beautiful People!


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