February 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: Freya

February’s perfume is in honor of the sultry, Norse Goddess Freya. Known for her lustrous beauty and sexual freedom, the aspect of Lady Freya that inspired this formulation was her ability to unveil passionate joy and authentic sensuality. In these times of heightened stress and a society that embraces the overachiever mentality, it is imperative to counterbalance these pressures by fostering pure joy and continuously conjuring the beauty and passion that is ever-present. Freya is also honored as a bringer of success and plenty, often depicted in a chariot drawn by two cats - a discovery that elated me as a devotee of the feline species.

My muses for the Freya Perfume formulation were seductive Moroccan Rose and balancing Geranium. These floral notes are cradled by the highly spiritual vibration of Frankincense and warm, resinous balsam. A burst of zesty citrus rounds out the blend and brings forth joy, vitality and the courage to follow our bliss through darkness into the light.

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