Autumn Equinox + Mabon Message from Kate

Photo by Kate's Dad, Ken Becker

Blessed Mabon Beautiful People,

Here we are at the threshold of Autumn, making our way through an unfamiliar existence, that has not ceased to bewilder us. Our lives changed as we embarked on Spring and now as Summer is coming to a close, we are no less mystified than we were six months ago. Our country is burning, literally and figuratively and most of us are experiencing the intensity of our own individual inner fires. Metaphorically Fire signifies destruction, purification, passion, wrath and rebirth. So in this era of monumental change and epic shifts, we likely are all dealing with various degrees of our own personal fears, confusion and metamorphosis. 

My Summer of 2020 has been one to reckon with. You have not heard from me personally since the Summer Solstice due to a complicated head surgery which forced me to come to a complete halt, surrender and let go. This journey has (literally) thrown me off balance and I still have a ways to go in my recovery. As my healing progresses, (slower than desired, with patience being the objective here) I continuously contemplate and reflect on the teachings of this experience. One of my early and rather shocking discoveries of self reflection was the fact that I had often wished for something to stop the insanity of my work and life pace. I deeply craved more stillness. Of course I never prayed for a health crisis, yet I admit that I often fantasized of what it would feel like to just have time to BE. Well here I am, at home for almost three months now, trying to find my new balance in a global time of unknowing, while our country is in turmoil. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Unfortunately I have little wisdom to share at this time. I am not far enough through this chapter in my life to reap rewards from my experience. Yet I know deep inside that this is big and everything will change, for me and for us all. I continuously commit to trusting that I am, and we are collectively, where we need to be for imminent change to occur! 

So here we are Beautiful Fellow Human Beings, during a time of national sorrow with nothing substantial to grasp, little to anticipate or pacify us. We are realizing more than ever, that our phones and computers can not take the place of human interaction, a live community event or a hug from mom. No one-click buy from Amazon Prime or a Netflix series binge can truly feed our soul’s longing. So what can fill our holes of loneliness and fear until we can at least all be together again? As we are forced to come to terms with and accept (important!) what is here and now - how we choose to spend our days is essential right now. 

That said, one thing is for certain: AUTUMN IS UPON US and it is time to go outside into the natural world, commune with the forest spirits and celebrate our accomplishments with prayers of gratitude. On Tuesday September 22nd is the Fall Equinox aka MABON -named for the Welsh god known as the “The Divine Son” - when day and night will be equal and light and darkness will be in perfect balance (balance!). At this juncture we enter the final weeks of the Harvest Season and so begins our descent into darkness, transformation and introspection. From this day on, the nights become longer, the days become shorter and colder (in the northern hemisphere) and Planet Earth prepares for a time of hibernation and ultimate renewal. NOW we enter the time of magik making - purification, transformation and deep healing. On the Fall Equinox and Mabon we give thanks by celebrating our accomplishments, making altars and sharing harvest foods with friends as we begin our preparation for the darker seasons to come.

"That said, one thing is for certain: Autumn is upon us and it is time to go outside into the natural world, commune with the forest spirits and celebrateour accomplishments with prayers of gratitude."  

Let’s join together in finding new balance, so that three months from now, on the Winter Solstice, we can begin anew, transformed and ready to take on a brand new year.

Join me in my Autumn Equinox contemplations: 

What am I grateful for during this time of harvest?

What does my (idea) new balance look like?

What do I want to do less of?

What needs to change or be let go of in order to create the best me for this time?

What do I want to do more of?

Who do I want to be when I enter the next chapter in my life?

Happy Fall Everybody!

With Love and Magik,





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