Essential Oil Blends - 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy

Our specialty is creating healing essential oil blends and natural perfumes using therapeutic-grade oils. We combine the beautiful aromas of earth's medicinal plants to help clarify needs and make positive changes. With awareness and care, we create Anointing Oils / Chakra Oils, Body Perfume Oils, Natural Massage Oils, Diffuser Oils, Aura Mists and Body Lotions that serve as hands-on prayers for body and mind. Undiluted Pure Essential Oil Single Notes are also available. We never use any synthetic ingredients. Our products are Vegan, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Paraben-free and contain no petrochemicals. All of our products are clean and pure. They are hand blended in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

How to Choose & Use Our Essential Oil Blends

  • Be clear on your intent.
  • Listen to where your heart is.
  • Read about the oils and acknowledge which ones are callingyou.
  • Try not to choose by scent, but what you feel.
  • Use the oils frequently and generously.
  • When you apply the oil to your body, breathe, and be clear on what you are trying to evoke.
  • Then just let the Magik unfold.

What's New

  • Wildharvested Teas from Juniper Ridge.

Juniper Ridge White Sage & Wild Mint Tea Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea

Kate's Magik Anointing Oils are wonderful for my practice of personalized religion. My favorite is UNCROSSING which I apply frequently to remind me of my deep desire for liberation. I highly recommend these products!
Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer Religion-Outside-The-Box
My skin is so sensitive that I can't even use lotions. I've been using your oils for over a year, with out any problems, I'm impressed! Please don't change a thing!
Millie, Tucson, AZ
When I use the PURIFICATION AND PROTECTION MIST I feel the results immediately. Is there a spell placed on these oils and mists, because honestly it is like magic. Thank you!
Cindy Maria Paulson Health Information Technician Seattle, WA
This is a solid quality oil.… I couldn't decide on which ones to buy, so I got them all for all of life's issues. Thank you for caring enough to create an exceptional product.
Pateel Graduate Student
Authentic, Intentional and DEEP… from one true aromatherapist to another, thank you for being YOU.
Libby Patterson, Owner Angelic Aromas & Priestess of Alchemy Oakland, CA
I am wonderfully happy…your fertility oil really works…I am six months pregnant, wow!
Lara, Tucson, AZ