Custom Crafted Intention-based Ritual

Kate Becker

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Rituals and ceremonies have been used since the origins of humanity to help us banish that which no longer serves us and communicate with the divine, our ancestors and our higher spirit.

Includes a 30-minute session with Kate (over the phone or in person), a personalized ritual outline, an intention-based essential oil blend and a custom incense shipped to you.

After sending in answers to a questionnaire, your session with Kate will help determine your current life-stage, identify blocks and define the changes you desire for the future. After the session, she will craft a custom ritual and detailed instructions will be sent out to you. The ritual will include a ceremony specifically designed to target your needs – a metaphysical prescription that may include practices such as meditation, aromatherapy, affirmations, journaling, smudging, drumming, chakra balancing and more. A Kate’s Magik Essential Oil Blend and a custom incense blend for your ceremony is included.

We will contact you after purchase to schedule your session