The Complete Book of Essential Oils: Natural & Non-Toxic Ways To Create Health...

Valerie Ann Worwood

By Valerie Ann Worwood

This encyclopedic book contains, in practical and easy-to-understand form, every conceivable use for essential oils and aromatherapy in everyday life. The author, a practicing aromatherapist for more than twenty years, unlocks the power of essential oils in over 600 original recipes, most needing only a few essential oils. Unlike over-the-counter products, the recipes you make yourself contain no harmful preservatives. Most basic needs can be covered with just ten essential oils. The complete book of essential oils & aromatherapy includes complete charts of all essential oils and their uses, a resource guide, and directions for aromassage.This book includes over 600 natural, non-toxic & fragrant recipes to create health, beauty, and a safe home environment.