Create Awake

Archangel Sacred Geometry Wrap

These wraps were designed by medicine woman and friend of Kate's Magik, Xochitl Guzman, owner of Create Awake.

Her stunning wraps are always infused with magik. We believe that everything in our world is made out of energy and we all have the power to influence this energy with our thoughts.

We make these wearable magical pieces of art with the highest love healing vibrations as taught by our five generations of ancestors that were medicine people from Peru.

Prayers (you can call them intentions) for you having a beautiful life are made as each piece is created. This wrap in particular has the sacred geometry of the 7 archangels as well as the powerful symbols of the flower of life and Metatron' cube (also Metatron archangel)

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Whether you believe in angels or not you must know that you are always safe and taken care of with the most divine love. This multi-use wrap is a reminder that you are loved always. Be "wraped" by love and magik.

Wear it as a wrap, shawl, scarf, skirt, dress, shirt, yoga mat cover....
100 plus ways to wear it. Perfect for travelers of our world or your inner realms.


Customer Reviews

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I originally bought this as a gift but once i held it in my hands and put it on.. i had to keep it! The material is soft, light and stretchy and the design is high quality and absolutly beautiful. Will be buying another one in the future.

Gorgeous. My new favorite

I had my eye on this wrap for awhile but the price point held me back initially.
I decided to treat myself & im so glad I did! From the moment I took it out of the package I knew it was a great purchase. So delightful! It is silky soft & elegant. Really versatile. The pictures on the site don't show how truly gorgeous the wings & sacred geometry symbols are. It's also reversible & fully opaque on the other side. I was so excited with the quality that I wore it right away. Then I purchased 2 more for friends! Buy it- you will love it!

Rapturous Wrap

Lovely a light, warm hug. Beautiful!

yes! you want one of these !

I bought it as a gift. It's even more fabulous than a picture could convey. Arrived really quickly & Jess had included some info about the Archangels for the recipient. Of course, now I want one of my own!


Love it.