Archangel Sacred Geometry Wrap

Create Awake
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These wraps were designed by medicine woman and friend of Kate's Magik, Xochitl Guzman, owner of Create Awake.

Her stunning wraps are always infused with magik. We believe that everything in our world is made out of energy and we all have the power to influence this energy with our thoughts.

We make these wearable magical pieces of art with the highest love healing vibrations as taught by our five generations of ancestors that were medicine people from Peru.

Prayers (you can call them intentions) for you having a beautiful life are made as each piece is created. This wrap in particular has the sacred geometry of the 7 archangels as well as the powerful symbols of the flower of life and Metatron' cube (also Metatron arch angel)

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Whether you believe in angels or not you must know that you are always safe and taken care of with the most divine love. This multi-use wrap is a reminder that you are loved always. Be "wraped" by love and magik.

Wear it as a wrap, shall, scarf, skirt, dress, shirt, yoga mat cover....
100 plus ways to wear it. Perfect for travelers of our world or your inner realms.

About the archangel Sacred Geometry. Each symbol belongs to one of these angels:

THE Power of the Archangels:
Archangels are powerful spiritual helpers who offer us the opportunity to release our own creative power and transform our lives. The Archangels are the overseers of the Angelic Realm. They work by God’s side and in concert with the guardian angels to help humanity in powerful ways.

The Archangels have specific jobs and duties and are available to everyone at all times. As with all angels, they are not bound by time or space and can be with many people simultaneously. You simply need to ask for their presence and assistance and they will be there. When you call upon the Archangels, you are bringing in strong, powerful energies that will create miracles in your life. You can use the same techniques in Connecting With Angels to connect with the Archangels. Or you can simply call upon them mentally or with your heart.
The names, rankings, and meanings associated with the Archangels vary according to different religions and cultures. The exact number of Archangels also differs in various traditions. The following lists bring together most of the currently known Archangels, all of whom are non-denominational. The Archangels offer their help to every individual, regardless of his or her belief system.

The following four Archangels may be the best known of all the Archangels, perhaps because their presence has been noted in many historical and biblical accounts. Today, they are still strongly making their presence known and working in tandem with humanity to co-create a more peaceful world. Whether you are in need of help with an everyday problem, or seeking assistance to discover and fulfill your life’s mission, these Archangels willingly and joyfully stand by your side as you call on them. Here are some of the ways in which these Archangels might assist you.

He is the Archangel who oversees lightworkers and helps them unfold and fulfill their purposes. He helps with the release and transmutation of fear and negative energy. Call on Michael when you are feeling afraid in any way. He can help you feel safe and bring you the courage you need to move forward toward your desired goals. Michael also assists in cleansing negative energies from any person, place or situation.

(or Gabrielle) – This Archangel can have either a masculine or feminine energy. Known as the angel that announced the coming birth of Christ, Gabriel is associated with communication. Call on Gabriel to assist with you with any kind of communication, whether it is talking openly with a loved one or speaking your truth. He also assists writers, journalists, and artists in getting their messages out to the world.

He is the healing angel. Raphael works closely with those in healing professions and assists people in discovering their healing abilities. You can call on Raphael when you are physically ill or injured or send him to the side of anyone who is in need of healing.

He is the wise angel who sheds light on all darkness. When you are feeling depressed, angry, victimized, or confused, call on Uriel. He will come and pour his golden light over you and help you release anger, unforgiveness, and any other negative emotions that may be clouding your vision and judgment. He will help you find peace and answers.

There are many more Archangels who can assist you in a variety of ways. The following list includes several of these Archangels and offers some suggestions for working with each of them. Enjoy!

Name means “beauty of God.” Also known as Iophiel and Zophiel, she is the Patron Archangel of Artists, who helps us see and maintain beauty in life. Call upon Jophiel before beginning any artistic project. Since Jophiel is involved in beautifying the planet by cleansing it of pollution, ask her for assignments to help in this vital mission.

Name means “Angel of Presence.” He is thought to be the youngest and the tallest of the archangels, and the only archangel who once walked upon the earth as a man (as the prophet Enoch). Metatron works with Mother Mary to help children, both living and crossed over. Call upon Metatron for any kind of assistance you may need with your children. His intervention often involves helping youngsters open their spiritual awareness and understanding.

Name means “secret of God.” Uriel is said to stand very near to God, so he hears all Divine conversations about universal secrets and mysteries. Uriel wrote these secrets into a document that he gave to Adam, which eventually ended up in the hands of the prophets Enoch and Samuel. Call upon Uriel whenever you wish to understand esoteric material, or to engage in alchemy or manifestation.
Call upon these Angels often
to help you on your own path!

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