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In Kate’s Magik Retreats and Workshops, you will have an opportunity to step out of ordinary life and be guided in meditation and prayer, experience exotic aromas and song medicine, participate in ceremonial dance and shamanic drum journey - amplified by the healing powers of nature. We will come together as women on mystical land to raise our vibration, find inner and outer balance, and awaken to our sacred power to meet the moon cycles ahead with compassion, courage, and clear intention.

Retreat Reviews

Our sisterhood retreat was more than I could have ever imagined. 

So much healing, bonding, and rejuvenation of the heart took place. The aroma journeys quite literally took us to different worlds, as well as the singing and dancing in our safe space that we shared. I ate better than I have in my entire life. we honored our mind, body, spirits, and each other and formed real bonds. coming back to the real world has proven a great task after leaving the magical world Kate and her amazing talented helpers created for us. i will always hold this life changing retreat dear to my heart and will continue to come to each one Kate's Magik hosts.

Alisandi R.

Kate's Retreat exceeded my expectations and I'm forever grateful that I said yes to myself and took the leap! 

As someone who had been immersed in yoga and holistic wellness for years but had not yet taken the opportunity to experience an all-inclusive retreat, this was the perfect women's getaway that I so deeply needed! 

 I have to admit, even though I am a yoga teacher who plans on leading my own retreats one day, I was a bit nervous and didn't know what to expect. The moment I arrived a wave of peace washed over me. There was a beautiful, tranquil water feature out front, green grass, and a fellow retreat goer taking a rest in a hammock. I was greeted by Kate's warmth and her friendly facilitators and I knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be! 

The retreat was filled with ceremonies in the teepee, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy workshops, sharing circles and DELICIOUS food! Kate has a special way of keeping things in organized and on track while still allowing the days to flow seamlessly. She has so many gifts and tons wisdom to share, I feel blessed that I had this intimate time to learn from her. 

 I will never forget the very special cocoa and closing ceremony on the final day, it was informational! I don't want to give away too many juicy details but it's the most uplifting experience I think I have ever had, sitting in a circle on the red rocks surrounded by the Juniper trees. My life is forever changed and I'm filled with gratitude from my time with Kate and the very special ladies I met at the Kate's Magic Retreat!

Emily Killeen 

Co-Founder of Ananda Retreat

Kate’s Magik retreat was exactly what my heart needed! 

 We were surrounded by nurturing, beauty, and laughter. From the fabulous meals, fascinating workshop, beautiful views, inspiring guided journeys, and transformational dancing and drumming, every piece of it was what my heart had been longing for. I had no idea beforehand that in addition to Kate and Fountainetta’s inspiring teaching, each of the participants there would prove to be an important teacher and sister on my path. 

 The ability to dance, sing, and drum to my heart's content nourished a deep part of my soul. I used to think I just needed a retreat like this when I was tired and overwhelmed, but this time, I went feeling full and empowered in my life and found myself enjoying it even more! 

 To connect with the Divine Feminine in myself, my sister goddesses, and the world around me was a beautiful gift. In addition to learning about essential oils and the power of the voice, having the opportunity to dance and drum with Fountainetta allowed me to reconnect with a powerful and important part of my strength, sensuality, and Grace. And the laughter (even/especially the bawdy laughter!) healed a deep place within me like water in the desert. I came away feeling blessed by the power of women together and connected to my own Divine Core.I would recommend this retreat for anyone ready to move forward with their journey and awakening.

Arianna G.

Kate, Mahana, Summer & Meaghan were a great match for the retreat. I also loved the location and being able to spend quality time with horses. My room was more than adequate. It was perfect. I loved the mix of yoga, Kate's wonderful sessions with Kate's Magik essential oils, Mahana and her magical Reiki Sessions. This retreat was perfect and exactly what I needed at the right time. Great food, wonderful company (making lifetime new friends). A very good price for everything that is offered. Thank you Kate for putting this Magikal Retreat together, I am forever grateful. 

I highly recommend any retreat that Kate Becker is hosting. 

Tammy D.

As I pulled up to the Sacred Land, I was welcomed by horses, dogs and the beauty of the surrounding area. We were greeted by Kate, Mahana and Summer and the Energy they brought was incredible. I felt the peaceful vibes immediately and it was welcoming! 

I got a chance to get to know the women and we created a bond, a connection that will be cherished for a lifetime.We had a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided for us- all vegan and so delicious!After breakfast we had a class where Kate shares her wisdom about her line of magical essence and the beauty they bring to us. In these circles it was relaxing, fun and a good way to connect to each other as we learned and grew within ourselves and the women around us! 

It was so special! I didn’t want to leave and at the same time I was thrilled I gained so much knowledge, wisdom and beautiful friendships. The whole experience changed my life for the better and provided my soul with ease, comfort and rejuvenation. For the first couple weeks after I had left the land, I felt as part of me we still there. The land is very special and the people it calls to it are absolutely beautiful! Thank you Kate for your loving care in putting this together and I look forward to attending again in the future. 

It was a dream that my soul will always remember! 

Little Feather

Kate's Magik Experiences

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