Kate's Magik experience

Transformation · All Souls · sisterhood

oct. 31 - nov. 3 · Tucson, Arizona

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During this potent time of purification and transformation, ushered in by the Autumnal season, we will come together as women to honor our journey, release, let go, and celebrate this year’s harvest. Collectively we will set intentions, honor our ancestors and loved ones past, give thanks for our blessings and awaken to our sacred power - so we may meet the seasons ahead with clear direction and an open heart.

Kate Becker

Owner and Perfumer at KATE'S MAGIK

kate's magik creates

a one-of-a-kind experience just for you

  • Purification Ritual with sound, scent, smoke, and rhythm

  • All Hallows* Eve Transformational Fire Ceremony

  • Aroma Journeys and Song Medicine

  • A Drum Journey

  • Morning Movement dance and rhythm with Fountainetta

  • Communal All Souls* Altar setting for loved ones past

  • Ancestral healing work

  • Storytelling & wisdom sharing circles

  • One organic, vegetarian feast or meal per day

  • Working with Deities, Saints, Orishas and Archetypes

  • Working with the Wheel of the Year

  • All Souls* Ceremony and Kava Dance Ritual

FOUR days of rituals & ceremonies

Time is fluid and approximate, the wisdom of the group guides us. Schedule is subject to slight changes.
Introduction, purification, & transformation

Thursday, October 31st

Day one

Beginning at 3pm we will gather in circle for a purification ritual with smoke, scent, and sound; setting the stage for our transformation. Around Sunset we will celebrate Samhain* All-Hallows with an organic, vegetarian feast followed by a fire ceremony. The fire ceremony will take place outdoors during the magik evening hours guided by Kate and Fountianetta. Samhain is the most powerful night for purification and transformation, when we shed the old year, give thanks for the blessings received, and call upon our spiritual guides and spirit helpers.

Activation, self-love, 
& intention setting

Friday, November 1st


Begin the day at 10am with Morning Movement dance and rhythm for self-love activation with Fountainetta. Next, join Kate for a Guided Rose Meditation and Aroma Journey. Learn how to work with Deities and Archetypes to activate Self Love and Intention Setting. Enjoy a freshly made organic, vegetarian lunch and extended break. Regroup in the afternoon as we join together for a Healing Circle Experience with sound healing, crystal bowls, vocal meditation, and aromas.

Ancestral healing & All Souls Celebration

Saturday, November 2nd

Day Three

A day focused on Ancestral Healing preparing for All Souls. Join together at 10am for Morning Movement dance and rhythm with Fountainetta. Kate will lead you into Ancestral Healing work. An afternoon break (no lunch provided).  Regroup at 5pm for an All Souls* Feast, Drum Journey, Altar Decoration, Story Circle, and optional face painting. All Souls night ends with a Kava Dance Ritual led by Fountainetta. 

Breaks will be scheduled accordingly. Kate highly recommends no consumption of mind altering substances, including alcohol during the entire 3 days of this transformational experience. Evenings and mornings are best spent in contemplation, meditation, and reading.


Sunday, November 3rd
Gratitude and Closing Ceremony
10 am - 12 pm

We come together in celebration to bless each other for the journey ahead.Cacao, dance, song, and drums will set the stage for what's to come. We give thanks.

All souls procession (optional)
Late Afternoon - Evening

Attend the All Souls Procession as a group with Kate's Magik tribe. Discover authentic Tucson and the freedom to be yourself. 

all souls procession - a local TUCSON TRADITION

Option to join the Kate's Magik tribe for the All Souls Procession**

testimonials from the ♥

A life changing retreat dear to my heart!

Our sisterhood retreat in Sedona was more than I could have ever imagined. So much healing, bonding, and rejuvenation of the heart took place. The Aroma Journeys quite literally took us to different worlds, as well as the singing and dancing in a safe space that we shared. I ate better than I have in my entire life. We honored our mind, body, spirits, and each other and formed real bonds. Coming back to the real world has proven a great task after leaving the magical world Kate and her amazing talented helpers created for us. I will always hold this life changing retreat dear to my heart and will continue to come to each one Kate's Magik hosts.

Alisandi R.

Exactly what my heart needed!

To connect with the Divine Feminine in myself, my sister goddesses, and the world around me was a beautiful gift. In addition to learning about essential oils and the power of the voice, having the opportunity to dance and drum with Fountainetta allowed me to reconnect with a powerful and important part of my strength, sensuality, and grace. The laughter (even/especially the bawdy laughter!) healed a deep place within me like water in the desert. I came away feeling blessed by the power of women together and connected to my own Divine Core.I would recommend this retreat for anyone ready to move forward with their journey and awakening.

Arianna G.

“Come with an open heart and spirit to be inspired, disappointed, affirmed, confirmed, challenged, shifted in consciousness, enlivened and lured into yourself.”

Fountianetta Coleman

Your guides for transformation, all souls, and sisterhood

Kate Becker

Therapeutic natural perfumer, mystic teacher, professional singer-songwriter, and the owner/founder of Kate’s Magik (est. 2002)Kate is a Reiki Master with over 20 years of professional experience working with various healing modalities, specializing in energy medicine, scent therapy, and intention-based work. As a master natural perfumer for her company, her goal is to provide hands-on prayers for people to clarify needs and make positive changes by uniting the power of intention with the divine aromas of plant and flower medicine. In recent years, Kate has been leading women's retreats and experiences where she incorporates the power of ritual and ceremony, with scent, song, sound, energy, and movement. The intention is to transform, empower and join together in sisterhood. She loves to collaborate with other teachers in the greater spiritual community.

Fountainetta Coleman

Fountainetta Coleman has been a dancer, performing multi-instrumentalist and DJ, as well as an instructor of percussion throughout the Bay Area for 20 years. Her deepest interest is fusing percussion, voice, sound and movement in order to bring a fully embodied experience into artistic creation. Through embodiment she seeks to impact and expand consciousness around wellness, and bring focus to how embodiment may lead us to a truly wholistic-humane existence.With her studies in Sound, Voice and Music Healing (California Institute of Integral Studies), Hypnotherapy (Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy), training in various movement styles (Maureen Haley Studios in San Jose and the Malonga Casquelord Center in Oakland), and DJ work; her deepest passion is focused upon how our embodiment can bring us INSPIRATION, clarity, engagement and community. 

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If cancelled prior to September 30, 2019  - 50% nonrefundable. If cancelled after September 30, 2019 - No refund. 

Kate's Magik reserves the right to cancel for any reason on or before September 30, 2019 after which a refund will be given.

*Samhain aka All Hallows Eve is an ancient celtic holiday and the most powerful night for transformation and to commune with our spirit guides and ancestors. In the western world the fields have been turned and the harvest has been collected, and we go back into the seasons of darkness. The veils to the other realms are thin and it’s an ideal time to shed, purify and let go of the old year. On this day we also give thanks for what has transpired over the past year and set intentions for the seasons ahead.

 **All Souls Procession is celebrated in many cultures during this time of year. With a close proximity to Mexico and large Mexican population, Tucsonans embrace, celebrate, and honor the traditional Mexican holiday "Dia de los Muertos” aka Day of the Dead - a time to express grief remember and mourn the lives of our loved ones and ancestors.