Awakening the Inner Healer: April 1, 2017 Tucson, AZ 

The Awakening Series Tucson AZ

Four Local Metaphysicians join forces to teach methods for overcoming and moving through challenges in this first of a four-part seasonal series of workshops focused on and titled “Awakening Your Inner Healer”.

These four extraordinary women are all dedicated professionals who have spent most of their life studying, applying and teaching various methods of spiritual transformation. While experiencing the transformational effects, all came to the evolutionary healing of their own physical and emotional wounds. These teachings are for people who want to change their habits and transform their lives; as well as, those who are struggling with ongoing physical and/or emotional challenges. Be inspired while learning to see your challenges as your greatest teachers. Learn effective metaphysical tools to help find deeper healing and spiritual connection on a daily basis.

“Awakening Your Inner Healer” may include but not be limited to: Intention based work, mediation techniques, drum journeying, movement, yoga, aromatherapy, storytelling, song, ritual and more!

$40 Adv / $45 Same Day

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