Kate's Magik

Terracotta Candle Diffuser Lamp

Energize your personal space with this Terracotta diffuser lamp made from clay sourced from the New Mexico desert.

To use, simply fill the bowl with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and light the included tea light candle.

"Diffusing pure Essential Oils in your living room, bedroom, office, kids' room or bathroom can help create a comforting and pleasing atmosphere for the senses. Although I have tried a variety of diffusers and evaporators over the years, I always return to the traditional candle Diffuser. Personally, I love candle light and the simple lines of the design. The ones I chose were made in our neighboring state New Mexico from the clay of their land." -Kate Becker, Founder of Kate's Magik

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dena A.M.
I love it!!!! I will buy another for sure xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

So cute and works so well. I am very happy with my terracotta candle diffuser lamp. Love it so much

Ginger D.
Cute and functional

I like the idea of a "real" diffuser with safe tea lights. Looks great in my energy work room. Thanks!

Susan L.
Terracotta Diffuser Oil Lamp

This was a recent purchase and have used it several times. It is well made, looks great on top of the bookcase and brings such heavenly aromas into the room. I am very glad that I chose this one.

Lee A.

I have not used it as of yet but it is a lovely piece even as a display. I love that it is made in N.M with native clay. I wish I had a larger floor model, it is that beautiful. I am very pleased and will use it today when my essential oil arrives via post. Thank you.

Becca R.
Terra cotta lamp

I absolutely love it. Always been a Kate's Magik fan and now I am even more so. I've been using the annointing oils for many years and really happy I got the lamp to burn great smelling oils. Thanks so much