September 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: Saraswati

September 05, 2018

September 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: Saraswati


This Summer I fell in love with Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of poetry, music and wisdom. Saraswati was introduced to me by a master teacher with whom I had the honor of studying a form of sacred song last month. For seven days, fellow students and I sang devotional chants evoking the divine and offering sound blessings to deities such as this Goddess of cosmic knowledge and creative flow. The name Saraswati signifies, “she who has flow”. In this time of rapid earthly transitions, life can be stifling and uncontrollable. Often all we can do is step into the flow and trust that it will carry us to higher ground.

White Lotus paired with Moroccan Rose is the heart of this perfume, honoring the purity and supreme essence of Saraswati. Then, citrus notes are spiced with ginger to spark the power of expression and commitment to speak the truth.

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