#MoondayMonday: Transpersonal Planets & Sun in Libra

by Bold Apps September 17, 2018

#MoondayMonday: Transpersonal Planets & Sun in Libra

Happy #MoondayMonday everyone! This week we’ll be talking about the last grouping of planets, #TranspersonalPlanets, and looking at where our Sun will be during the Fall Equinox at the end of the week!

Transperonsal planets affect the relationships we form to the values we’re immersed in through social structures, cultural trends, and familial traditions. They disrupt and re-write the “rules” written by Saturn. This group of planets is slower moving—meaning, they stay in each sign for significantly longer than the other planets, thus affecting an entire generation.

The first of the transpersonal planets is Uranus. Uranus rules over a sign for 7 years. It is characterized by rejection of social norms and structures; rebellion and defiance; and more progressive ideals than the surrounding generations. Uranus is innovative, open-minded, and quick to change.

Neptune rules each sing for up to 12 years. Neptune rules the world of dreams, imagination, and the unconscious. It is transcendent, ethereal, and spiritual. Neptune brings the urge to expand our consciousness and indulge our intuitive capacities in non-material realms.

Pluto stays in one sign for up to 15 years. Pluto is the planet of purging, catharsis and transformation; it supports the detoxification of our spirit and psyche from emotional and intellectual patterns which keep us locked in the illusory chains of jealousy, greed, judgment, etc. It rules with intensity and obsession-bringing these parts of ourselves into our conscious awareness so they can be cleansed.

Fall Equinox is on Saturday, September 22nd. That day, the Sun leaves analytical, detail-oriented Virgo for fair-minded, peaceful, and harmonious Libra. Along with influences from other astral dynamics (such as Mars in Aquarius, Mercury in Libra), you may feel yourself stabilize after a year heavy with transformational cycles (lots of rebirth energy). This is a good time to measure your progress and goals within a framework of balance, and to have heart to heart conversations which focus on reconciliation.

With the natural peacekeeping energy introduced by Sun in Libra, a fitting intention to set is one of reconciliation, kindness, understanding, and harmony. An Anointing Oil to use to support this energy is Sweet Marriage. Blended with joy-inducing and sensual Jasmine and Sweet Orange, this oil brings love, open communication, intimacy, commitment, and romance to a partnership.

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