Kalysta's Product Spotlight: Sweet Marriage Anointing Oil

by Kalysta Howie January 20, 2016

"It is easy to misinterpret and miscommunicate and it hurts to fall out of alignment with anyone that we care about.  Sweet Marriage Anointing Oil is a blend that truly embodies cohesion and solidarity.  For this reason, I turn to this mixture of friendly Sweet Orange and affectionate Jasmine when I am looking for understanding and resolutions.  I simply poor a little Sweet Marriage into my hands and inhale the scent while envisioning happiness and loving communication, then I apply the mixture to my temples, throat and chest."

Each week, our lovely and whimsical office assistant, Kalysta, will be sharing a few words on some of her favorite products. 





Sweet Marriage Anointing Oil

Brings love and sensuality to a union and fosters open communication. Refreshes romance, increases intimacy, strengthens commitment and promotes monogamy. Also a great blend to attract marriage or a meaningful romantic partnership. 

Kalysta Howie
Kalysta Howie

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