"Our Sacred Ceremony Herbal Tea is an inspiring blend of organic herbs that instills wisdom and spiritual connection. Even before the very first sip, the warm aroma fills my senses and reminds me that I am a sacred being deserving of a rich, balanced life. Jasmine flowers and Rose petals open the heart to love and healing while White Sage and Holy Basil hush temporary worries and gently open one’s mind to the beauty of the world outside ourselves. Then, as a final treat, the sweetness of organic Licorice Root lingers on your palate for a few moments as if to say, “Today was made special because you are here.” This is why I love to start my day with this tea or sip it before meditation as I set my intention. This grounding blend is also lovely to enjoy in the evening and makes the perfect accompaniment to a warm fire on a cool fall night."

Each week, our lovely and whimsical office assistant, Kalysta, will be sharing a few words on some of her favorite products. 





Sacred Ceremony Premium Herbal Tea

A transcendental blend for grounding, purification and balance – Sacred Ceremony Tea was created for use during daily rituals, to aid with meditation or prayer, to share with a friend or simply to honor thy self.

Stimulating spices complement the powerful properties and subtle sweetness of luscious Licorice Root. Rose and Jasmine open the heart to compassion while Tulsi and White Sage clear the mind of heavy energy, sadness, or stagnation and bring us back into balance.