"As the weather is cooling down, I find myself reaching for tea much more often. We have four delicious herbal blends to choose from and Joyful Courage is one of my favorites to serve friends and customers at the new Ritual by Kate’s Magik Store. With inspiring Rosemary, cheery Gotu Kola and St. john's Wart, zesty Lemon and comforting Peppermint, it is a blend that effortlessly uplifts the soul and brings a smile to people's faces."

Each week, our lovely and whimsical office assistant, Kalysta, will be sharing a few words on some of her favorite products. 





Joyful Courage Herbal Tea

A sunny, zestful blend to help us take action, feel inspired, express joy and be courageous.  Joyful Courage Tea instills mental clarity, encourages good communication and helps open the doors to positive change.

St John’s Wort uplifts the spirit, dispels fear and offers protection; Rosemary and Gotu Kola helps inspire us to move forward with clear vision while Lemon and Rosehips round out the tea with that sweet, fruity element that fosters success and creativity.

TO ENJOY:  Pour 6-8 oz of hot (not boiling) water over tea bag, cover and steep for 5-10 minutes. If desired, sweeten with honey.  Sip slowly and feel the confidence rising. 

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by Casey O

Love this!!! I would love to promote this product on my website – which just so happens to be – ha! This tea aligns perfectly with my vision :)