Kalysta's Product Spotlight: Spinx Moth Body Perfume Oil

by Kalysta Howie October 16, 2015

"Sphinx moths are often confused with hummingbirds because of the way their wings beat rapidly as they hover over flowers to drink nectar.  In the larvae state, they have a way of making their bodies broad and solid to resemble the great Egyptian Sphinx Moth.  To evoke this type of power and discernment, Kate joined encouraging ylang-ylang, clarifying clove, motivational bergamot, creative patchouli and a few more essential oils in a nourishing base of sweet almond oil, avocado oil and vitamin e from sunflowers. I enjoy that this grounding blend not only strengthens my skin, but also my resolve, making it a perfect, full-body treat."

Each week, our lovely and whimsical office assistant, Kalysta, will be sharing a few words on some of her favorite products. 





Spinx Moth Body Perfume Oil

Sphinx Moth Body Perfume Oil empowers you and instills a lust for life, letting you feel the joy of the sun and the depth of the Earth. Run, dance, howl, this life is yours to do with as you please. Just let yourself be free. You are safe now. 

Kalysta Howie
Kalysta Howie

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