chamomile flowersRoman Chamomile essential oil is widely cherished for its soothing and calmative properties. The aroma is sweet, fruity and herbaceous with hints of apple and straw. Opening a bottle of this delightful oil is like an instant dose of harmony – from the moment you inhale the beautiful scent, you can’t help but exhale a sigh of relief. Chamomile has been used for thousands of years by numerous cultures and remains a powerful, yet gentle, healing herb. Amongst the different chamomile varietals, Roman chamomile is prized for its wonderfully special aroma.

Growing natively in northern Africa and Western Europe, Roman Chamomile has now been cultivated all over the world (ours is sourced from here in the USA). The word ‘Chamomile’ is derived from the ancient Greek meaning ‘earth apple’ and was named for the plant’s apple-like aroma. Known as the “Plant’s Physician,” Chamomile has the ability to keep other plants grown nearby healthy and thriving in the garden. Its white and yellow flowers reach out to the sun and pull light energy and healing down from the heavens.

Roman Chamomile is the same herb used in the ever-popular tea that has been drank for centuries for its ability to calm, soothe and relieve insomnia. Kate chose it as one of the primary ingredients in our Peaceful Harmony Herbal Tea, where it’s combined with Lavender, Valerian and other herbs for the ultimate relaxation blend.

chamomile illustrationThe essential oil is a perfect choice to be used externally for the same purposes. Our Peace & Purification Anointing Oil unites Roman Chamomile with Lavender essential oil to create a powerful healing tonic that is our go-to oil for anxiety, depression and headaches. When Roman Chamomile essential oil is applied topically, it alleviates stress, tension and relaxes the entire nervous system. It also helps soothe skin irritations and its potent anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties are great to help with arthritis and sore muscles.  Because Roman Chamomile essential oil is effective yet quite gentle, it is the perfect choice to calm children (or the inner child in all of us) and promote harmony (which is why Kate included it in our Lolabine Massage Oil and Ghostbuster Aura Mist).

Since ancient times, Chamomile has been recognized as a powerful healing plant. The Egyptians held it in the highest esteem and dedicated it to the Sun God, bringing light and divine healing energy down to earth. Ancient Greek doctors prescribed it for nervous conditions. It was also one of the “Nine Sacred Herbs” identified by the early Anglo-Saxons. Each time you inhale the scent of Roman Chamomile, feel your spirit soften and inner-peace wash over you. Honor the interconnectivity of all beings as you embrace a renewed sense of calm.

By Matthew Campbell, Kate's Magik General Manager

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