Kalysta's Product Spotlight: Wind Body Lotion

by Kalysta Howie May 06, 2015

"Wind lotion is one of my favorites because the mixture of Neroli and Geranium help to embody the sweetness of freedom and the excitement of possibilities. After applying Wind and breathing in the fresh aroma, I like to run my hands through my hair to calm frizz and fly-aways"

Each week, our lovely and whimsical office assistant Kalysta will be sharing a few words on some of her favorite products. 




 Kate's Magik Wind Body Lotion

Wind Body Lotion: For Energy & Inspiration

The Wind is energizing, awakening, and purifying.
It sweeps away confusion and instills life force.
Wind Body Lotion will help you find mental clarity and direction, 
while energizing your body to meet the day or tackle a challenge. 
The divine essence of Neroli will elevate your spirit, while Geranium provides a steady flow of energy.

Kalysta Howie
Kalysta Howie

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