The Rose is the queen of flowers symbolizing love, compassion, forgiveness and beauty. The scent is feminine, seductive, timeless and her petals soft and velvety to the touch. The Rose has the highest vibration of all flowers (320mhz), plants and fruits and is therefore a powerful healer of the heart. I always feel so blessed when I sit down to blend and open a bottle of Bulgarian Rose Otto, just knowing it takes about 60'000 roses to produce 1 once of  oil. What a miracle to have the essence in a glass bottle in front of me. I use the steam distilled oil in all my heart opening oils such as Letting Go, Healing of the Heart and Quan Yin. Every time I apply of those soothing blends, I feel my mind soften, my heart open and trust rising throughout my body mind and spirit. These blends were created to instill hope, move through grief and allow love to settle in our Being. At this time my favorite is the Sacred Perfume, Quan Yin for the goddess of Love and Compassion.

Moroccan Rose absolute, on the other hand, is solvent extracted, a harsher process, where more of the plant matter is extracted, leaving a stronger fragrance with more bottom. I love using Rose absolute for the aphrodisiacs such as Sensual Lust and Passion,  Aphrodisian Fire, Passion Fever and Fire Lotion because they truly add a sexy note to a love oil, yet still support the heart and support the spiritual side of love.