Father Sandalwood & Brother Frankincense

I want to share today's blog on two of my favorite Essential Oils: Frankincense and Sandalwood.

After many years of working closely with pure essential oils, each one has individually become so familiar that I feel as if they are almost a part of me, like friends. When I sit down to blend, I have become aware that each oil can evoke different emotions depending on my mood. Working with these exquisite plant extracts always helps adjust and align me back into balance. I have such immense gratitude to these powerful plant essences that come from all around our mother globe and I am excited to share more of this knowledge with you. In the weeks to come I will be highlighting some of my favorite essential oils, as I did with Rose last week.

Today I want to talk about two of my favorite steam-distilled Essential Oils - Sandalwood and Frankincense! I love them both equally, like family—and they are two oils that nearly everyone enjoys. I almost feel as though they are part of our DNA since they have been used in rituals, ceremonies, churches and temples for countless centuries past.

For me, Sandalwood Essential Oil evokes the masculine aspect and energy of the of Great Spirit, or a perfect father figure: warm, safe, grounding, comforting, protective and holy. Its aroma is balmy, woodsy and long lasting. A paste of red Sandalwood powder always adorned Mahatma Gandhi's forehead, symbolizing the spiritual eye.

Frankincense Essential Oil is like an older brother, the protector; smart, sharp and righteous, it detects stagnation and clears negativity, keeping those who work with it (burn, or wear) safe and protected. Its aroma is woody, fresh and balsamic with a hint of spice.

When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or upset, Sandalwood and Frankincense will always be there to aid me in finding peace and trust. If I feel disconnected from spirit, confused or lacking hope they will lift my spirit. If I have trouble being centered, grounded or focused, either one can help me become more present. Our Anointing Oil, Meditation and Trance, is a blend that contains only those two oils and is therefore a wonderful staple to have within arm’s reach to help clear and center the mind before meditation, yoga or any spiritual practice. I always keep Frankincense Resin next to my fireplace as it is a wonderful tool to cleanse and balance any space (burn using incense charcoal).

Sandalwood and Frankincense are two of the most spiritual oils and are therefore used mainly in protection and purification blends; however Sandalwood is also added to aphrodisiacs for its grounding effects and sensual, warming aroma.  

The whole sandalwood tree must be harvested to distill the essential oil. Since each tree takes years to mature and because Sandalwood is such a popular and expensive oil, illegal harvesting and over-harvesting have been problems and as a result and many Sandalwood forests have been devastated. Kate’s Magik is proud to only use sustainably produced Australian Sandalwood oil. The Australian Forrest Product Commission (FPC) highly regulates the industry so that for each Sandalwood tree that is harvested, 12 more must be planted.

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