Kalysta's Product Spotlight: Euphorian Wind Massage Oil

by Kalysta Howie March 23, 2016

"I am often trying to figure out how I can accomplish more with less time. I love coffee and tea, but at times, another cup can lead to jitters and irritation. In my search for alternatives, I have stumbled upon the energizing effects of our Euphorian Wind Massage & Body Oil and fallen in love with it. Zesty Lime and refreshing Rosemary come together to enhance mental clarity, increase alertness and promote circulation. These invigorating oils are balanced by the sweetness of inspirational Geranium to create a luxuriously motivating mixture. I love to use this oil after a morning shower as an invigorating start to a productive day or as a powerful pick-me-up to beat the afternoon lull.”

Each week, our lovely and whimsical office assistant, Kalysta, will be sharing a few words on some of her favorite products. 





Euphorian Wind Massage Oil

An invigorating and energizing massage and body oil, Euphorian Wind helps prepare you for the day and serves as a potent pick-me-up. It keeps the mind and body alert while  encouraging a bright attitude to overcome challenges.


Kalysta Howie
Kalysta Howie

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